A woman at Salon M + Suites getting her eyebrows done by a doctor.
Image of two women in salon chair, one with long hair sitting and smiling, other standing behind getting hairstyle at Salon M + Suites.
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A woman with long blonde hair holding scissors - Salon M + Suites.
A woman with long blonde hair holding scissors - Salon M + Suites.
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Welcome to Salon M +Suites, the Most Luxurious Beauty Salon in Cedar Hills

Embark on a beauty adventure at Salon M +Suites, nestled in the heart of Cedar Hills. Here, luxury meets expertise in a symphony of style and self-expression. Our mission? To welcome you into a luxury beauty salon where you’re accepted and celebrated for the beauty that radiates from within.

Full-service luxurious salon:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair extensions
  • Permanent makeup
  • Eyebrow/lamination & waxing
  • Hollow/needle & piercing
  • Permanent jewelry

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Salon M +Suites stands as a sanctuary of luxury, offering a beauty experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We dream of making you feel cherished and recognized for your unique beauty. Here, your vision becomes our mission. We’re more than a salon; we’re a community built on culture, aimed at growth, and devoted to your satisfaction.

We pledge to deliver unparalleled service to every guest. Our team, fit only for a high-end hair salon, has a blend of professionalism and passion, is highly skilled and continuously educated to ensure your Salon M +Suites visit is nothing short of remarkable. From hair design to the perfect eyebrow arch, our full-service offerings cater to both women and men in an ambiance that’s as welcoming as it is luxurious.

Masters of style

Our stylists aren’t just experienced; they’re masters of their craft. With a wealth of knowledge gained from LA, NYC, Chicago, and beyond, they bring expertise akin to a Master’s degree in hair design to the community of Cedar Hills. Your vision is safe in the hands of our team, dedicated to bringing it to life with finesse and flair.

Driven by community connection

At Salon M +Suites in Cedar Hills, we believe in the transformative power of creativity. It’s not just about a haircut, permanent makeup, or eyebrow shaping; it’s about the joy and upliftment that come from perfecting these arts. Our salon is more than a space — it’s a community hub where safety, love, and inspiration flourish. We’re here to connect, transform, and celebrate the beauty in each one of us.

Two women in a salon, one making the other's hair style at Salon M + Suites.

Discover your true potential at Salon M +Suites in Cedar Hills. Your luxury beauty journey starts here.